Lille Landsby is Danish for "Little Village" because new babies take a village. We take a holistic, in-home approach to caring for new mothers, babies, and their families.


What seems so natural sometimes isn't. We provide evidence based, non-judgemental education, problem solving, support and encouragement so you can reach your breastfeeding goals. Prenatal Brestfeeding Consultations provide personalized education and any potential issues can be addressed before baby arrives. After birth, whether in hospital or home, we can help with issues such as poor latch, nipple pain, breast engorgement, milk supply, tongue and lip ties, and pumping. We look forward to working along side you to ensure your breastfeeding journey is a joyful and fullfilling one.


Congratulations…Your baby has arrived! Now comes the fun part. Sometimes this "fun part" can be difficult to navigate. The emotional changes, physical recovery, and day-to-day household tasks can take away from this joyous time. Let us help. Package includes birth recovery support, newborn feeding, comfort & sleep techniques, meal planning & prep, and light housekeeping. Moms who receive postpartum support experience increased breastfeeding success, confidence, and decreased postpartum mood disorders. Let us take care of you and your family so you can bond and take care of your new baby.

Mom to Keane
Blaire is truly exceptional at what she does. She is caring, knowledgeable and helpful at a time when I am tired and unsure about what's best for me and my baby. My questions are always taken seriously (no matter how silly I feel!) and her spot-on-advice gives me confidence as a mom to a new baby. Most importantly, she makes me feel like my baby is the most special guy in the world - which he is! Thank you Blaire for being an incredible comfort to me and my little one!
Mom to Dean
My husband and I both value Blaire’s opinion and information. The new saying in our house is, “What would Blaire Say?” We thought we had asked every possible question and we would be able to get through this with just each other….then we brought our son home. I would be lying if I said our first night home was pure heaven. I was in tears because my son was in tears, and my husband just had no idea what to say or do to make me stop. This was all so much to digest in such a short time. We called Blaire and she came over immediately. We felt like such a priority to her and we couldn’t have been more grateful. She has this way of calming you when you feel like you’re going to lose it. Blaire was also able to provide incredible resources for us that led to finding out our son had lip and tongue tie. Who knows where we would be if it wasn’t for Blaire. Blaire was an incredible support system for our new family and still continues to be. We’d be lost without her.
Lille Landsby: Danish For "Little Village"

In America, a woman who gives birth is typically discharged within 48 hours. That’s before her milk has come in, and while she is still very sore and healing. The next time she is seen is 6 weeks later. Those 6 weeks are the most important emotionally and physically. It’s also a major adjustment for her partner. This new family is expected to figure out nursing, sleeping, newborn care, cooking, and other household chores that didn’t end just because a new baby came home...all while mom is trying to heal! That’s a lot to expect! Even if you didn’t give birth this transition can be a lot to take on.

As a mother of six, certified lactation counselor, postpartum doula and babywearing instructor, I’m on a mission to help other families have a more informative, empowering and compassionate journey into parenthood.

I remember coming home with my first baby and knowing that I loved him, but was scared to death of him at the same time. My birth plan didn’t go as planned and I felt like a failure. I went from selfish to selfless in a matter of hours. That transition hit me hard. I felt ashamed that I was not in this euphoric state and my emotional roller coaster took a toll on my self esteem as a mother. People told me everything I was feeling was normal, but I didn’t feel normal. A friend that was part of my “village” brought me dinner and asked how I was. I decided to be vulnerable and give her the honest answer. Instead of saying “you’ll be ok” and normalizing my feelings, she validated me and just listened without judgement. That open ear and a warm meal was a catalyst for things to come.

Over the years, through travels and comparing experiences with friends living abroad, I realized there is a disconnect in postpartum care here in America. It was this and my personal experiences that propelled me on the journey to create Lille Landsby, gathering the information, education, knowledge and village of experts that could bridge the gap in maternal care. With our Postpartum Doulas, Lactation Consultants and Counselors, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Massage Therapists, and Babywearing Experts we provide personally tailored services to help with new-mommy and daddy challenges and the day-to-day activities that can feel overwhelming during this time. Let us prepare you for this journey of birth and care for you during the transition of adding a new little one to your family. Let me show you the tips and tricks to life-hack this. We believe you should not just survive through the 4th trimester, you should thrive!

Let me bring my village to you. Together we are Lille Landsby.

Designed to meet the individual needs of our moms and their families. Our team of experts have a passion for caring for new mothers, babies and families during pregnancy, birth, and the often stressful and exhausting first few months after having a baby. Rely on us to provide the care and assistance you need with the warmth and professionalism you deserve.
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